"where there is a corpse"

I haven't messed with acrylic in a long while, but needless to say its like riding a bike.  Hope you enjoy.

20"x32" acrylic and spray-paint on wood (SOLD)

That Is No Moon

11"x13". Watercolor/gouache/ink

Artist Regression

We long to be writers
with paint brushes in hand
With endless thoughts
only colors can apprehend 
Our pictures are word
that we could never pen
A thousand, though half
even we don't understand
-w david lilley jr

Antiqued Weaponry

A 4 piece series involving four of my favorite stories.  Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. All created on paper with ink, earl grey tea, and a little bit of fire.


Another Tardis painting for the books.  11x15 watercolor and ink. $120 framed.  Enjoy